Our clients have the choice of RKJOnline designing a website from scratch – bespoke – or using a WordPress “theme”.

What are the pros and cons of each?

Web designer designing a bespoke website

Our websites can be coded “bespoke” to customise to your brand


  • Because we code from scratch the site can be customised in any way you choose. For example, your choice of exact colours & layout
  • As we progress, things can be changed. For example the colour scheme can change from one idea  to a completely new and different one. Or the navigation bar can change from across the page to down a column
  • Hence customisation to YOUR brand is total and your site can look different from any other, especially your competitors
  • But we do have to be very disciplined about putting the right amount of “copy” (words on page) in the right sort of format that will entice visitors – it’s easy to get carried away!
  • It’s easy to give you a price for the “x” number of pages you desire
  • We can provide affordable on-page SEO helping your site to be found in Google
  • However we have to do the maintenance and updates on the site – unless you know HTML!
  • We can do the updates in a test environment and ensure you are happy with them before applying to the “live” site


  • With WordPress you as the client have to choose from various “themes” – so the site is NOT coded from scratch
  • It follows that to some extent the structure can look similar to other websites out there
  • However a good web designer (like RKJOnline) can manipulate the code to some extent – so that the theme can be customised to your brand, in particular on the very important home page
  • Because some themes have a cost associated, it’s hard to give you an exact price until the theme is chosen and actually settled on
  • We can apply on-page SEO and we can also take advantage of very good SEO “plug-ins” that tend to work very well on WordPress sites
  • In terms on maintenance and updates, clients can do their own. RKJOnline would spend some time teaching you how, as its very important to get things right first time
  • One reason for this is that changes are made to the “live” website and not in a test environment
  • However we can do the maintenance for you if you choose; our experience is that whilst some people choose WordPress so that they can do their own updates, they rarely have time (or the inclination) to do so.
  • Ultimately WordPress can offer your site a visual “wow factor”
  • As copywriters we understand the importance of words-on-page and how they are formatted on a website. WordPress lends itself to naturally keeping “copy” simple and “above the fold”. This is very important for website visitors and helps them stay on the site longer and also navigate through the site.

Every business is different and of course YOUR business must be represented properly on the web. So ultimately as the client, you decide which way to jump – but we’ll always give you honest advice to help you make that choice.