Currently we issue a report quarterly on the performance of your website ranking.

We will have agreed with you, at the start of the website design, which are the important keywords that you need to rank high for, in the search engines. Every 3 months we will advise you of your website’s ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo! for those particular keywords.

Page Rank Check We’ll also advise you of the page rank of your individual pages – an excellent indication of how important Google sees your page as being. This helps us also make decisions regarding ongoing SEO and in particular which pages we may want to try harder to optimise for and which ones we should direct quality back-links too.


Google’s Webmaster Tools For a number of reasons, we will have already verified your website with Google Webmaster tools and we will use them to check various aspects of your site quarterly. For example:


  • What search queries are working well for you
  • Info on external links to your domain
  • Keyword significance – are we focusing on the right words, have we inadvertently used some others too much?
  • Crawling stats
  • Google Plus 1 metrics

We do have other methods are analysing some of the above and we do so to measure accuracy and consistency. It’s likely you’ll be offered further info and it’s for sure that we’ll use every piece of info we gather from different sources to determine how we progress with your SEO service during the next quarter and beyond.

Google Analytics Whilst Google Analytics is a free tool from Google, applying it to your website will always be a cost option from SEO consultants. It is time consuming to write and then analyse the results from Google Analytic reports. We are also not convinced that most of clients would benefit from such in depth info – having spoken to many of them, that’s exactly their thoughts too! RKJOnline believe that are quarterly reports from Google Web-master tools strike just the right balance needed to show our clients how thing are going for them and what we need to do to improve. BUT if YOU want Google analytics, have a word with us and we’ll talk you thought the options.