Currently YouTube is the 2nd most used Search Engine in the world – just one below Google (who own it). So where you may have videos posted, it makes sense to try to raise your organic ranking from your YouTube videos.


Let’s be clear on videos, you may believe now there is no way you’d produce a video to do with your business, but if, for example, you have a Google Places account then it’s imperative to make use of the video field in there for your Google Places ranking. This does not have to be a feature film! A short 30-second video of a product or a description of your service is all that is needed here.

Keywords are as usual critical for SEO in YouTube videos; there is a Title and Description field, not dissimilar to that we mention under “On-Page SEO” although for YouTube we recommend ensuring your website url is included and most people do this at the start of the description. There is also the opportunity to add tags, which we recommend (around 5 – 10 per video).

As per website content, getting links to your video is a bonus and for YouTube this is described as having “link partners”. A great way of doing this is by using the techniques you would do for back-links to your website, so finding a way to mention the video in blogs, forums, articles, press releases etc. – but remember to keep these relevant to the business niche.

You can also respond to a video by linking another video to it – another way of creating relevance but don’t overdo this as it may come across as “spammy”.

Of course for those watching the video, there is the opportunity to share and comment via Google+, facebook and Twitter – creating lovely back-links to it and also free publicity!

RKJOnline will take all these actions on behalf of our SEO clients who have videos that can be uploaded to YouTube and we would certainly encourage videos of your products and services as great for internet marketing and SEO.