Trust is an important issue to a website visitor and is more likely to lead to sales. It is often an overlooked area in terms of website design and SEO but if incorporated correctly, can pay dividends.

So yes, whilst there are “tricks of the trade” that can help with gaining a visitor’s trust, RKJOnline have a holistic approach to gaining trust. Everything we do is geared towards authenticity, integrity, openness and honesty.

When you come to us for a new website they’ll be things we’ll encourage that will enhance the website and go a long way to helping gain the trust of website visitors. Ask us for a full list of recommendations when we meet up to discuss your website requirement, but just a couple of examples are:

  • Have an open and honest “About” page, like ours, so that the visitor starts to get to know you as a person as well as more about the company’s profile
  • G+ buttonGoogle “+1” button – don’t be afraid to have “Google +1” and facebook “like” buttons on the website, indicating the trust others place in you. If you are a new website or business it’s OK not to have hundreds of “likes”. Quality is better than quantity and if someone has taken the time and trouble to “like” you, that says a lot about your business
  • Make it very easy for the visitor to contact you – don’t make them search for phone numbers, email address etc. If its difficult to figure out how to contact you then the impression given is that you are not keen to chat to people and help them. Making it easy for the visitor to contact you says “here we are, we are really happy to communicate with you, we’ll take time and trouble to listen to you and we’ll give you sound advice”

For more info on “trust factors” on your website, contact RKJOnline!