Showing your images in a slide-show is a great way to feature key information or specific products and services in a compact area of the web page, allowing for good copy (words on page) to complement it.

Slide shows should be eye-catching and often use a feature called flash animation, which allows for different ways of transitioning between the images, from slide to slide e.g. fading, or using a chequerboard format.

The type of transition is quite important and should fit in with the overall style and “feel” of the website. For example if your website is about Personal Training, the transitioning could be quite bold and a little faster than average. If you are an ecologist then perhaps the transition should be softer, delicate with lots of natural fading in and out. The final choice as always is with the client!

Don’t over-do it
We recommend using slide shows to enhance some web pages, but not to over-do it. We want to minimise any extra time it would take to load the web page – as visitors can become impatient. In addition, Search Engines cannot read flash animation and so there is no perceived benefit to your Google ranking. However, if you take our SEO Services, will always optimise the slideshow with good use of keyword-rich image name and alt tags.