For new websites in particular, site maps are essential – both for human beings and for search engine spiders – although they are sometimes overlooked by web-masters. RKJOnline will generate an XML Site Map of your website, upload it to the site and – via “Web-master Tools” – we will submit it to Google.

We’ll also include, via html code, a visual sitemap on the website itself showing the structure of your site, the individual pages, the links between them etc.


Why should your website have a site map?
Because it helps the search engines find all your web pages!
Basically a site map acts like a directory, helping Google find all the pages of your website and it encourages Google to crawl and then index your entire site, quicker than it would without a site map. Google can literally take months to crawl a new site and then not necessarily crawl the entire site – site maps help as part of rapid indexing techniques to speed up this process. Of course this also helps when new pages are added.

Helping your website visitors convert into customers
For your website visitors it’s a quick visualisation of everything on your website, helping them to find content, products, services which they may not even have realised existed on the site and encouraging them to link to them.

Useful Links
An on-site site map provides great navigational links round your site, especially if used in conjunction with good anchor text.