seo-website-auditThis is another service we can offer in its own right, if you don’t have a website with RKJOnline Web Design in Cheshire.

If you have an existing site that we take over – and you take our SEO option – we’ll perform an audit as a matter of course.

Just like having an MOT for a car or a health check for your body, an SEO audit is something you need to do every so often to check out what is working well – and what needs help, so as to strengthen your search engine ranking.

We’ll look at the website content overall and for RELEVANCE, including:

  • How well your keywords are working, how are they being used – is it enough?
  • If the content is being updated frequently enough
  • What the content looks like visually – is it going to attract visitors and keep them on page?
  • We’ll look for evidence of SEO copywriting techniques and – if found – we’ll see if they can be improved
  • We’ll check for content duplication (whether the search engines see duplication) and correct it, if it exists

We’ll also check out your on-page SEO

  • Are there discrepancies such as lack of / duplication of meta tags including titles and descriptions
  • Structure of your page urls
  • Internal navigation/linking

website-build-processWe’ll ensure your site is registered with Web-Master Tools so we can have a look at what is happening on your current site, for example:

  • Popularity of search queries
  • Speed of site /site performance
  • Diagnose crawl errors

We’ll look for evidence of authority/importance

  • We’ll analyse your back-links; how many do you have and from where?
  • What’s the quality of the links and the anchor text used?
  • Also those of your competitors; are they doing better than you?

How well is your Social Media working for you in relation to rankings and indexing?

What pages are currently indexed – any not yet indexed by Google?

We do not limit what we will cover in an SEO Audit because all websites are different but at the end of the audit we’ll issue you with a full report containing recommendations. If your website transfers to RKJOnline we’ll implement the recommendations in full. If your website resides with another webmaster, they will need to make the changes recommended.