Your brand’s reputation is a hard worked for and treasured thing that matures with time. But reputation can be lost in a blink of the eye. In today’s digital world, “word of mouth” can reach a great many people very quickly through social media, email, blogs etc. And it can get through to the offline world too.customer loyalty cubes crossword puzzle

RKJOnline will put in place an alert system which will advise us when something is said specifically about you, your company name or indeed any set of keywords associated with your brand or niche that you would like us to alert for.

If something negative is found online, our first action in minimising its affect would be to re-consider optimised keywords. It could be the case that we would concentrate on optimising your brand or company name, using keywords positively in blogs, press releases, social media etc and thinking carefully about the appropriate anchor text needed. In optimising these, we would push any negative comments down the search engine listing, replacing them with positive comments on your brand.

Tracking down the source of negative press, we would request a rebuttal link, telling our side of the story and our reaction to the comments. If for some reason the underlining cause of the negative comments was well founded, we can suggest several mediums to issue a clarifying apology, with the aim of reaching as many people as possible – especially via the route the negative comments came from. If the comments or other data you do not want shared (e.g. personal id information) appear on a website, we would contact the webmaster to ask for their removal and then with the help of Google tools, work towards the data disappearing from the web asap (cached copies).