Good quality links to your website are seen by Google as votes of confidence and the more votes you get, the more Google is impressed!  You can attract links by having fresh, good quality content that others will want to share with their own website’s visitors and social media contacts.

The nature of any back-link campaign by an SEO consultant must be varied and balanced; with links coming from good quality websites within your niche. Rest assured that all of our link-earning practices are “White Hat”. We would never pay for a link – this is like a red flag to a bull where Google is concerned and if caught doing this, your website could be suspended from Google indefinitely.


But make no mistake, attracting links from quality websites is very time consuming, needs to be done steadily over a period of time and won’t give instant results.

Not all “votes” through links count the same; get a vote from an education website (i.e. “.edu”) for example, then because of the authoritative nature of the website – this link will count more than a link from a small local business site.

One-way links to your website are worth more, in terms of helping your ranking, than links that are “reciprocal” i.e. returned links – but it is difficult and again time consuming to attract these – the quality of your own website content must be very good for others to want to link to it.

Get the anchor text right.
Another important factor is the words used in the actual link back to your website – the words that will be clicked to get to the specific web page that is hyper-linked. You’ll understand by now that your SEO consultant must be targeting the most appropriate keywords about your business in various aspects of SEO – especially the “on-page” SEO tactics.

The words used to link back to your website are called the “anchor text”. Let’s say you sell office furniture and you want a link from another website to go to your office chairs page. You are a company called “QRS123 office furniture” based in Bradford. Well instead of the link back to your website saying something like “click here”, it could say “buy office chairs in Bradford”. That’s far more informative and chances are that “office chairs” and “Bradford” are keywords your website is trying to optimise for.

Anchor text enhances the relevance of the web-page it points to in the eyes of the search engines – and you know by now how important “Relevance” is to Google.

Monitoring your links is something we’ll do usually on a quarterly basis. We want to keep track of the quantity and quality of links you have and report back to you, with ideas as to how to improve them.

Fresh, good quality content is always the best way of attracting links. These days, when links to your site are shared on social media, this is part of the all important “social signals” that are becoming more important in not only increasing the word of mouth about your business online but creating quality back links to the site too.