Copywriting” is the term given to writing the words for the webpage; Search Engine Optimisation copywriting is about writing for those pages with the aim of pleasing the search engines like Google, yet still making the content attractive to the website visitor (who we want to convert into our next customer). To do this, targeted search terms (containing keywords) should be agreed with the client first, so that these can be suitably included in the right way, at the right places, within the “copy” (words on page) – for example at the start, middle and end of the web page.
In many ways, “SEO copywriting” is a term that describes and incorporates many of the other elements mentioned below: Title and Meta Tags, H1, H2 (heading) tags, image optimisation.

It also entails knowing the “tricks of the trade” that help make a webpage look attractive to the visitor – people do not read websites in the same way they read books or newspapers. Visitors quickly scan a page so as well as having lots of useful information, the page must flow and the important information should stand out.

  • Use of sub headings

  • bullet points
  • bold
  • italic

… are examples of the SEO copywriter’s tools.

Ultimately a copywriter wants to write good, unique and authentic copy – unique in topic and in the words used – and this pleases Google very much!

Richard and Kay at RKJOnline are professional SEO copywriters in our own right.

SEO copy-writing is a technique which – in our opinion – gets better with practice; one reason that we can offer 1st class SEO copywriting services is that we have had lots of practice. We take the time and trouble to talk to you about the passion you have for your business and we portray that onto the pages of your website.

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