RKJOnline are professional copywriters – that kind of gives us a bit of an advantage over some of our competitors! When it comes to writing press releases, we have plenty of experience.

Press Releases are just one way of getting back-links to your website as well as having good off-page internet (and hardcopy) marketing qualities in their own right.

Thousands of press releases are written and distributed across the internet daily so how is one about YOUR Company going to stand out from the crowd?


Here are RKJOnline Web Design thoughts on press releases:

  • They MUST be newsworthy – a new company launch, a new range, expansion, a new website etc.
  • They must be written with the reader in mind, i.e. be informative for your customers, the press room etc. and contain great copy
  • They must be SEO-friendly; we know the tricks of the trade to make an online press release optimised for your keywords
  • They must contain links to your website
  • They must be written in 3rd person perspective to make them more interesting and clickable
  • They must have a “note to Editor” to help build trust – with some information about the company or individuals in question
  • They must be distributed via online distribution services and via email to individuals at local newspapers, magazines etc.

We’ll ensure thorough distribution of your Press Release via free online services. The option to upgrade and pay for other online distribution services is always available.