optimised web page urlsIf you can increase search engine rankings with properly optimised web page urls (the names of the web-pages you have on your website), you’ll attract new traffic to the website (and therefore potential new customers).

Plus, by making the url structure one that human beings find easy to read, you’ll increase your click-through rate because those visitors will better understand what the webpage is all about.

RKJOnline understands the tricks of the trade with regard to optimising web page urls.

We take care to set the URL structure up carefully and to best advantage when the website is designed, thus helping to keep it stable over the years. Having to change the structure once a webpage is established, indexed and perhaps has a good page rank would be foolish and no doubt harm that web page’s ranking.

When deciding on your website web page urls remember – they are in lower case only and never use an underscore (_) ; if you must break up the business name use a hyphen (-).