Taking care of all your web support
requirements & needs, quickly and inexpensively

Once your website is up & running, keeping it updated and fresh is essential. This will encourage visitors to return to your site and ensure you portray a professional image at all times. Fresh content is also crucial if your aim is to perform well in Search Engine rankings like Google.

rkjonline-maintenance-agreementHaving out-of-date information on your site or links to other websites that are no longer valid will give the wrong impression of your professional standards and you’ll lose those visitors in a flash.

Keeping the site up to date will help maximise its potential as one of your key methods of advertising, marketing your products and services and attracting new customers.

It’s important to us that we offer a holistic approach for all our services as well as excellent customer service. By taking one of our website maintenance agreements we’ll keep in touch with each other and be able to help you through your business’s journey forward.

Why would you change what’s already on the website?
It could depend on your business:

  • If you have product lists, these will change over time;
  • If you specify prices online, these may increase or decrease
  • If you are doing electronic commerce (selling online), your stock may change and with it your images of that stock
  • Got a Sale coming? – you’ll want your customers to know – a blog is a great way or an area that we’d have previously developed on site that can be updated with latest news such as a forthcoming sale
  • Got some Latest News you just have to share? You can do it via a blog!
  • Contact information changed?
  • Social Media status changed – need a “like button”, a link to your Twitter account, a “LinkedIn” logo?

But in general you may want to change, update or maintain:

  • Copy – the words on the website; this is how you communicate to people you want to buy from you, so it has to be current and relevant. Google puts a huge emphasis on fresh, relevant content, to help you rank high in its search engine. We’d expect you to update existing copy where it may be out of date on a specific page or add fresh copy to that which is already on a specific page.
    Blog posts (that you write) are a great way of adding fresh content  (and creating new pages at the same time) and we’ll put these on site, configuring photos for you and ensuring a good overall look to the blog post, under the maintenance agreement.
    (New pages are development of an existing site – however for clients that take SEO from us there are some circumstances where we’d encourage some new pages – not just blog pages –  at no extra cost because it would enhance SEO. Under the maintenance contract we treat blog posts as new pages which we do not charge for. If you chose to not take the maintenance agreement, we would charge for blog posts as we do for new pages. But if you take SEO from us we would more than likely waive that charge because we want to encourage you to add fresh content that actually adds to the volume of the site, not just add fresh content to an existing page – as you might under maintenance).
  • Images – these underline your brand and you cannot afford for these to be out of date or irrelevant
  • Links – there is nothing worse than a visitor clicking a link on a website and that link not working. Visitors don’t wait around to get another “page not found” message. We’ll check all links and we’ll repair or remove any new internal or external links required
  • Colour, font etc. If you decide that your corporate colours need to change then that will need to be reflected on your website. We’ll treat this as maintenance and not development.

We offer a simple and inexpensive maintenance agreement which will enable you to keep your eye on what you do best – your own business – and enable us to keep your website up to date.

  • Quick response to all your queries (our aim is to respond within the 9am – 5pm working day Monday to Friday and within 24 hours at the weekend). There may be occasions we cannot meet these aims and sometimes that might be because we have to analyse what you have requested and even “test” the website to see if the changes are possible (this may mean taking a copy of it and uploading on a test domain). Sometimes we may need to research something you have asked for (such as a plugin to achieve certain functionality) before we make an initial response. We try to be pro-active and helpful and where we suggest a different way of doing something it will be with the functionality or overall professionalism of the site in mind. You always have the final call.
  • The work done as quickly as possible – our Terms & Conditions state within a calendar month but we’d encourage potential new clients to ask our existing clients about our service as we tend to make maintenance changes within 1 to 2 working days. We’ll can always give you an estimate of how long it will take, managing your expectations as we go and obviously the more work, the longer it takes; research and / or “testing” will add time.
  • 1 hour support period per month i.e. up to 1 hour per month making updates to the content of your existing website, changing and maintaining what has already been developed (short of re-developing what’s there) and providing specific support, answers to questions etc by phone, email, text or face-to-face for maintenance related issues. The one hour also covers any research or testing we need to do for example and we always back-up the site before and after changes to it under “best practice”.
    We believe in “best practice” and sometimes it’s true that this may sometimes add time to a task but that the end result is worth it for the professionalism and functionality of your website. We do reserve the right to allocate any time like this or answering any of your specific questions against the maintenance agreement 1 hour support period per month. In practice its rare that we have to point this out – we usually build excellent relationships with our clients and we operate in a very “give and take” way where we usually do most of the giving! However we sometimes have to stick to the rules to ensure that our good nature isnt taken advantage of and to ensure we don’t let other clients down who also need our time, skills & attention.

You can start the monthly maintenance agreement at any time after your website is completed. Contact us NOW to find out more about this extremely competitive arrangement!

Of course there is always an alternative to paying for a year’s maintenance “up-front”; we can charge you by our hourly rate and we reserve the right to invoice in advance. However we usually build up very good relationships with our clients – built on trust – so we’ll avoid invoicing in advance whenever we can. It will depend on the amount of maintenance and updates you have in any one year as to whether this option is cost effective for you.

Please Note that our terms and conditions provide more information on “Maintenance”; for example, our maintenance agreement includes various housekeeping measures such as anti-hacking measures and regular back-ups; we also check that links on your site are not broken – fixing them if they are; plus of course we’ll check the overall functionality of the site. These days we offer “responsive” (“mobile friendly”) websites – as per Google’s encouragement – so it’s important to ensure that changes under maintenance – or indeed under development or re-development – function and look good visually on all types of devices. This may also sometimes include looking at the site under different browsers too and alerting you if an older browser doesn’t seem to support the changes you have requested.

Where work is essentially “development” rather than maintenance i.e. additions and changes to the structure of the website (such as a new page or changes to how a page is already structured) and as opposed to changing content & maintaining what is already there or adding additional (fresh) information, photos etc to existing content on a specific page, we can give you a quote.

We understand that sometimes there is a fine balance between maintenance and development (or re-development) & for those clients who take the maintenance agreement and where we have built up good relationships, we’ll work hard to minimise or discount costs when development or (re-development) of the website is requested.
(The same is true for those who take SEO with us where work could be deemed redevelopment of development and not strictly just for SEO.  We’ll often encourage work that could be chargeable but that helps with the sites overall SEO and when we do that – and you have taken our SEO package –  we won’t charge you).