Meta Tags:

Put very simply, the code used to write web pages is called “HTML”. Within that code there are various attributes that can be used. Meta Tags are very important attributes or pieces of information within the HTML which make use of keywords to providing information about the web page and help the search engines find and rank your website.


When our clients take SEO, RKJOnline use the following meta tags:

  • Title: The most visible piece of information searchers will see when they look at search engine results plus search engine spiders give weight to title tags for indexing purposes. Title tags are short in length hence the skills of professional copywriters like RKJOnline are very useful here in incorporating the right keywords in the right way.
  • Meta Description: Meta Descriptions provide information as to the contents of a web page. Shown directly under the Title tag on a search results page it provides a snippet of info using keywords cleverly, that should be both enticing and a “call to action”, to encourage the visitor to click on the link. Its length is more than the Title Tag but still not significantly long – presenting a challenge. Yahoo! and Bing still use this for ranking, Google does not.
  • Meta Keywords: Meta keywords tags are not a major factor in ranking your website these days, but the search engines do scan them and every little bit helps. Meta keyword tags should be relevant to the specific web page, describing the main subject of the page.

Canonical Tag:

used to stop punishment for duplicate content, RKJOnline use canonical tags together with 301 re-directs and Google’s webmaster tools for “www versus non www” issues.

H1, H2 etc.:

These are “heading tags”. Good headings and sub headings on a web page, combined with good use of keywords, can be compelling to the website visitor as well as the search engines. We see many websites’ home pages start with a heading of “Welcome to My Website” which is a lovely gesture but a complete waste of a great opportunity to use appropriate and relevant keywords to advise the reader exactly what your website is all about!

For SEO clients RKJOnline use heading tags within the HTML to identify important keywords to the search engines in a way which sums up the topic of the page and is a compelling headline to the website visitor.