The advantage of having a map on your website is being able to manage your customers’ expectations of where you can travel to offer your service or product, or indeed where they would need to travel, should they have to come to your business address.

You may want to indicate a certain geographical area beyond which you cannot do business, or – if you did – you would need to apply a surcharge to cover travel costs.

Maps also liven up a page of text, particularly on a “Contact” or “Services” page and act as a quick visual confirmation of where you are based – especially helpful for LOCAL businesses.

RKJOnline can show maps online in various ways:

Google Maps
A simple map, embedded on your web-page, pinpointing one or several locations.

This is ideal for showing where your business is located and again, ideal for attracting local customers. Have a look at the contact page for one of our clients, Cheshire Dog School:

The map can be zoomed in and out interactively, switched to satellite view or used to see local “street view” images. It may also be linked to Google Earth where the visitor can then ask for simple directions to the place in question.


Customised Maps
One reason we customise maps is to indicate a geographic area that a business operates in, for example how far a dog walker will travel to collect dogs for “walkies”.

The map below sits on the website for Cheshire Wags – a Cheshire based mobile dog grooming service – and indicates the area covered for “Wash and Groom” purposes.


We can also give the facility to click on the map for a larger image and would usually have complementary copy (text) to give more information to the website visitor about the areas covered and (as an example) charges for delivery or travel to locations outside of the area shown.