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  • Social Media – spreading the word about your business
  • Building your online reputation; managing your online presence
  • Engaging with customers, driving up sales AND influencing your website’s ranking
  • Our experience and know-how will help harness the benefits of social media for your brand

social-signalsThe power of Social Media within SEO is phenomenal but to be honest, many business owners don’t always realise this or are concerned about negative aspects.

All RKJOnline ask of you is to let us explain what a benefit Social Media can be to your business and brand – and to keep an open mind whilst we do!

Within our overall SEO offering, we will – with your permission – use Social Media in the following ways for your business:

Action Benefit
Add Social Media bookmark buttons to your website. Your website address and content can be shared all over the Internet by your websites visitors – onto THEIR social media, bringing quality back-links to the site and raising your profile on the web.
Add Social Media bookmark buttons to your Blog posts. We always encourage out clients to have a blog – it’s your way of showing off and letting potential clients know all about your expertise. Having social media “Share Buttons” at the end of each blog post is vital. Your visitors share your posts on their own social media, getting the word across about your brand, your knowledge, your products and services. This brings clicks back to your blog post and thus your website – earning you back-links and traffic i.e. new visitors who may buy your products.
Develop an optimised Facebook Business Page for your business, brand, product etc.
  • Your business info shared with potentially thousands of would-be customers hence an immediate Internet Marketing boost in its own right
  • An opportunity to easily gain online reviews
  • A way of interacting with customers, building trust
  • A source of quality back-links to your website
  • A way of helping Google to rapidly re-index your website
  • Facebook urls are searchable by Google – another source where the search engines can find YOU and not your competitors
  • Sending out all important Social Signals
Develop a Twitter account for your business. All of the above!
Plus we’ll ensure posts made by you on your facebook account are automatically tweeted.
Develop a Google+ company page for your business. All of the above and more!
Google will always promote its products over others. With a G+ page your business can take over a local Google ranking page– with info about your website on both the left and right hand side of the screen. The visitor will see contact info, map, images, Google reviews, your recent posts etc.
G+ is growing and is a very important source of “social signals” which Google loves.
Set up your YouTube account. As part of Google+ you’ll have a dedicated YouTube account. Google loves video – because visitors love it and they share videos! We always encourage our clients to have videos – but even if it is only 1 ten second video of the team or your products etc., you’ll be surprised how many “tick-boxes” this satisfies, helping your business rise higher in the rankings.
Help you gain your facebook “Vanity url”. A secret weapon! Useful in many ways such as brand protection and Google searches.
Help you gain your G+ “Vanity url”. Yes, anything facebook can do, Google+ can do it better!
Place G+, facebook and twitter buttons on your website, linking to your page/account. An easy way of helping customers from the website link to YOUR social media pages.
Developing a facebook “like” button or box on your website. This will attract certain types of customer to your website over and above the websites of your competitors – gives new visitors an easy way of becoming your latest “fan” and allows them to see what you are saying to your fans.
Developing a Twitter box on your website. Your website visitors can instantly see what you have been communicating to your clients and fans – this is a way to show off your knowledge and expertise and attract new clients.
Set up your LinkedIn account – personal and company.
  • Allows you to connect to other professionals from past and present
  • Searchable in Google
  • Vanity url
  • Join professional forum-type groups and network with like minded peers, some of whom may become clients

If you are keen to understand this subject further you can of course Contact Us or have a look at our Blog where we go into much more detail.

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