Linking from one page of a website to another can be done in such a way as to help the visitor navigate through the website which can be advantageous especially if you want them to naturally land at an e-commerce page where they will buy your goods.

Linking also helps the spiders that crawl websites (in order to Index them) find their way to all the pages and naturally establish the hierarchy of the site.

Also it helps spread “link juice” i.e. the ranking power of a particular page, around the site to other pages.

RKJOnline makes full use of internal linking and uses keywords in the “Anchor text” that are relevant to the keywords the source page is trying to target.

We also consider the text immediately before and after the anchor text and try to ensure relevant synonyms or keywords here – because they further indicate the relevance of the link.

404 errors can occur when links are broken for whatever reason; as part of RKJOnline’s Maintenance package, we regularly check for and fix any broken links – whether they are internal links or informative links that take the visitor to another website for whatever reason. This falls under “Site Accessibility” and an issue that is often overlooked.

We also check the status of sites that are linked to “off-page” to ensure high quality sites have not dropped in quality of status.