Search Engines can’t “read” an image so whilst images are great to show off your products or services and make your website more interesting, they are not in their own right going to help your search engine ranking.

That is unless your Webmaster makes full use of the attributes images have that can help advise the search engines what the image is about – using of course the keywords you want to optimise for. This is image optimisation.

To optimise images (when our clients take SEO), RKJOnline use:

  • Keywords in the filename
  • Keywords in the “Alt” text i.e. alternative text describing what the image is about
  • Keywords in the “Title” i.e. the caption you seen that some Webmasters employ when you hover over an image
  • Keywords in anchor text that link to Images

(Note that in order to follow Accessibility Rules, images should have the above mentioned Alt Tag – check with your web designer if they don’t.)

For much more info on image optimisation, just get in touch with us.