Have a look at the picture below – familiar to you? What you see is a “Google Places” listing (albeit these days it tends to be merged with Google Plus but as the client, you don’t have to worry about that!).

Google Places is appropriate for LOCAL businesses, attracting LOCAL customers. If a search query is (in Google’s opinion) a “keyword deserves location query”, Google may decide to respond to it with a Google Places listing. When this happens, it WILL show in the top ½ of page one of Google. There are up to 7 places that can be shown i.e. A – G.

We put into Google the search query “dog grooming Halton” and here are the results from Google Places (obviously one of our clients is top!):


So, if YOU have a Google Places account and Google shows your listing in response to a query, it WILL be very high in Google and certainly higher than the “natural” organic listings for your website!

How does your business get here, on the top of Google page one?!
Well, not all search queries will result in showing a Google Places listing but RKJOnline will research which search queries – appropriate to YOUR business – would work for you. Then the process starts of setting up and completing your Google Places account; then constantly monitoring and tweaking it, so it works well for you.

There are many aspects to having a successful Google Places listing – both within the account AND by actions on other parts of the internet that positively affect it – getting your business higher into that Top 7 listing!

RKJOnline have a lot of experience with Google Places and we’d love to help your business prosper with it. It’s a process that should be in place alongside conventional SEO, not instead of it and we can explain why. Internet Marketers make £100’s of pounds monthly just by selling Google Places alone to business owners who do not have the time to set up and monitor the account.

At RKJOnline we provide you with a Google Places listing – where it is appropriate – all within our overall SEO offering for a fraction of the cost. Can you really afford your business to be without it?

For more on how RKJOnline uses Google Places and Google Plus to help your website have a higher profile, just get in touch!