Web page content is very important, going hand in hand with professional copywriting. Remember, Google likes to see content as Relevant to that which the visitor has searched for.
The aim is to create relevant and genuinely interesting content which is authoritative in nature and that people will want to read and digest. This is what the search engines are looking for too, especially in response to the specific searches that internet visitors have made. This also helps encourage links back to your site – very important for ranking higher in the search engines.

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But content can easily become outdated, perhaps irrelevant. Fresh content – especially new, additional content on the original page that IS relevant – is something Google rewards, especially if we keep it unique in terms of words and topic.

When clients take SEO, RKJOnline regularly reviews client website copy with various aspects in mind:

  • Is it up to date with any changes to your business or the industry it represents?
  • Should you consider a Blog for up-to-date news?
  • Is it time for a testimonials page, now that your new business if off the ground?
  • How about some FAQs, which new visitors would find informative and helpful?
  • Are there any articles you have written or can write that would suit a webpage as well as “ezine” submission e.g. a “101” article?

At the same time we keep a check on your competitors and encourage you to do the same; we’ll look at the top ranking competitors to see how they are updating and incorporating fresh content and how often they are doing it. Are there new trends that have been missed?.

Another benefit of fresh content is that it can lead to better SITE SIZE (for example a new blog post will create a new page); this does make a difference providing the web pages of the larger site are relevant and legitimate in the own right.

Plus as the site grows over time it claims the benefit of old age; longer established sites are deemed more trustworthy and “here to stay” as opposed to newer sites that could be “here today yet gone tomorrow”.

Costs: When clients take SEO we often encourage fresh pages such as FAQs or Testimonials at no extra costs even after “Go Live” as these sort of pages help with SEO. There is a lot of work we do that falls under the “SEO” banner and thus if the client has taken SEO, it’s usually the case that we won’t charge extra if the work helps with the Google ranking efforts (we do reserve the right to do so – but it’s rare we do).
However there is sometimes a fine line between “fresh content” which updates/replaces what was already there or adds to what is there on an existing page (and is great for SEO) –  and fresh content that amounts to development or re-development work on the website. Each new request is looked at on it’s merits and we’ll be honest if we believe that the fresh content work needs charging.
Where clients – in these circumstances, have taken SEO or our maintenance agreement – we’ll try hard to discount charges for development or re-development work.