There is a lot to be learned from competitors in your niche who are doing well. Off-page, we can research why your competitors are performing well in the search engine ranking, analyse their techniques and discover if we can emulate anything that’s working well for them.


Some of the things we would analyse are:

  • Their On-Page SEO in terms of keywords, meta tags, headings, url structure etc.
  • How good their HTML is
  • How their on-page navigation is set up
  • Their content – are they regularly updating it with fresh content to attract visitors and links?
  • Do they concentrate mostly on brand or website optimisation with their new content?
  • What are their calls to action and are they working?
  • Are all their web pages indexed?
  • What back-links they have to their web-pages and where they come from; what the quality of the back-links is like, the quality and page-rank of the pages they come from and the anchor text in use; any “no-follows”?
  • What types of links are they attracting – are they via forums, blogs, social media; can we tell if they are buying links?
  • Are they getting customer reviews? Are they good or bad? Where are the reviews? (In some cases good customer reviews can influence where you appear in Google)
  • Have they had an online directory campaign?

We’ll review these once a quarter and it’s possible that what we learn may help us tweak both on-page and off-page SEO for your website.