Online business reviews are the modern day “word of mouth”, especially when given via social media, as the number of potential new customers they can reach is phenomenal.

The best way to get a business review is to simply ask your customers – but then be able to offer them a variety of ways to provide that review, ways that would suit them best.

Reviews given via email can be edited into your website, making some fresh content and helping to build the trust between you and the website visitor. If you have added social media share buttons then visitors can share that new content and also comment on it – through facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Have a look at our own testimonials web page!

A review section can be added to your business facebook page, available for all your fans to see and of course you can then repeat that review in a wall post, sharing with fans and going into their news feed.

But for the purposes of SEO, the best reviews to get are those from:

  • Google Places
  • Online directory listings

Google loves to see the business that you have entered into Google Places also appearing all over the web, and online directories are one way of doing this. Where reviews are possible in those directories, they not only build trust with the person viewing that listing but they act as “citations”, helping to provide brownie points to your Google Places ranking. So yes, through online business reviews (good OR bad), your Google Places ranking can improve!

Don’t be concerned over a bad review; online you are generally able to respond to reviews. It says a lot about the character of the business owner to respond openly to a negative review, stating what they are going to do to rectify the situation. Respect can be gained in this way, so it’s not all bad!

Suffice to say that RKJOnline can handle the prompting and administering of online reviews where our client already has a website, a facebook page, a LinkedIn account, a Google Places account, and online directory listings. We can also effect responses our clients want to give to those reviews.