RKJOnline can create a Blog for your website, giving you the chance to keep up to date with your clients and followers, building trust with them, showing them your expertise in your own niche and building a following for your brand that can spread quickly through word of mouth – bringing even more traffic to your site. With traffic come potential customers.3D character with laptop and blog sign

In 2015 it was estimated that 2 million blog posts were created every day; they are so popular so there’s never been a better time to start creating your very own online journal.

With one of our easy-to-use blogging plans, you’ll be able to start filling a basic web page with your thoughts, pictures and images – all using your very own domain’s web address.

Whether you’re a young family wanting to share your experiences and photos with friends, an enthusiast offering opinions on the latest music and film releases or a business seeking a new way to keep in touch with clients, a Blog is the most popular and affordable way for people to broadcast their views across the web.

RKJOnline offer:

  • A WordPress-based Blog which sits on a WordPress server (i.e. NOT under your own website); hence your blog will be something like myblogaddress@wordpress.com
    • Advantages:
      Takes less of our time to set up and so is a cheaper option, with a one-off fee payable once the blog is live
    • Disadvantages:
      • Is not good at all for Search Engine Optimisation
      • Is less credible than a blog under your own domain; how do you advise a potential client to visit your blog at someone else’s address and expect them to remember and to find you?
      • If the WordPress server has a problem then your blog could be offline. We don’t have any special arrangement with WordPress – they will not be giving us any priority when looking to get the problem fixed
      • Your blog falls under WordPress’ editorial control; if they don’t like one of your posts, they can delete it or suspend the whole blog
  • A WordPress Blog which sits under YOUR domain i.e. under your own website
    • Advantages:
      • You have complete control over the blog and all of its content as it sits on YOUR site, not a 3rd parties. It is far safer this way, nobody else can get at it and delete it.
      • Much easier and more professional to tell clients and would-be clients about it and it’s easier for them to find and remember. They just go to your website and click on “blog”! It will fall under your own domain name – nobody else’s name to get confused with.
      • It’s GREAT for SEO! A Blog under your own domain will seriously increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines like Google. A Blog post is fresh content and that’s one thing that Google loves. Use the right keywords that will attract customers to your brand and you’ll find that Google does send visitors to your website.
        In addition your followers out there on the Internet will share your blog post and you too can share it via Social Media links – these bring lovely, healthy back-links to your site which help to increase its overall ranking.
    • Disadvantages:
      It does cost more and this is an annual sum; RKJOnline have quite a bit of work to do in setting up the blog and also a database and we have to pay annually for this, so of course we must pass the cost on. Even so, this price is not a fortune considering the advantages of your own blog, representing your own brand on your own website.

Blog set-up; your choice of style and colour etc.blog-creation-on-page-seo

RKJOnline Web Design in Cheshire will create the blog page according to your requirements, making it look as close to (or as far away from) your own website as you wish.

You will be assigned a userid for it, which allows you to make posts and it also carry’s various levels of administrative rights. We will chat to you about how much control you want over the blog (control means spending time on admin) and then, when agreed, assign that level of administrative rights to you.

So for example, you could:

  • Change the look of the Blog by adjusting the colour scheme and layout
  • Post new articles and decide which (and how many) of the existing articles are shown
  • Moderate comments that visitors have posted on the blog
  • Manage uploaded files, including photos, graphics and PDF documents

Start sharing your views with the world today! Make yourself more visible to customers, show them your expertise, share your knowledge, build trust, and build your following!