Our mailbox e-mail addresses are synchronised with your chosen domain name, allowing you to choose any personalised email address under that domain name – for example, “tom@mydomain.com” – rather than sharing a large domain and needing to use a more anonymous address line richard_117@… Or Kay95@…

Choose a mailbox that meets the needs of your organisation:email-rkjonline-cheshire-web-designers

  • Save time and money while keeping your business protected
  • Create the right impression by using business-class communication tools
  • Stay in touch and in control with e-mail on the move

Standard Mailboxes

  • 100 MB mailbox space
  • Includes professional web mail
  • Works with all standard email software
  • Access your mail with popular software including Outlook Express and Thunderbird

Please note:
Unlike Advanced mailboxes, Standard mailboxes do not include virus and spam protection. Also, the maximum capacity of Standard mailboxes is 100 MB, with a maximum message size of 10mb. Should you require e-mail facilities with a few more features, you can upgrade to an Advanced mailbox.

Advanced Mailboxes

advanced-mailbox-web-design-runcornAdvanced mailboxes give you all the features of the Standard mailbox, but with additional space (1GB), Anti-Virus protection and Spam filtering.

Also included is Roaming SMTP, allowing you to send e-mail without being tied to your own broadband connection – particularly useful if you have a laptop and travel often.

Advanced mailboxes combine every feature you need for professional email:

  • Industry-standard POP3
  • 1GB mailbox space – ideal for large attachments
  • Roaming SMTP – use the Outgoing Mail Server with any broadband provider
  • Virus scanning & Spam filtering included
  • Individual mailbox control panel
  • Catch-all e-mail
  • Forwarders
  • Autoresponders

Roaming SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
Advanced and Exchange mailboxes include roaming SMTP, enabling you to send mail using email software on your PC, from wherever you’re accessing the internet.

With many other providers, you need to use your ISP’s outgoing mail server to send email, but with an Advanced or Exchange mailbox, you’re not tied to your own broadband connection. For example, if you use email software on a laptop, you’ll be able to send emails using different broadband connections when you’re on the move, without having to change your settings.

Virus scanning
Using respected, industry-leading virus scanning software, our mail servers prevent harmful email from reaching your computer. Accurate interception is ensured by regular, automatic updates of both the scanning engine and the virus definition file.

Viruses are intercepted in real-time, following heuristic scanning of all inbound and outbound email, to identify and remove suspect attachments and malformed messages. Even archived files are searched, ensuring your email is trustworthy.

Spam filtering
Unwanted, unsolicited emails are trapped by multi-level spam filtering. Each email is checked against a set of criteria and depending on your chosen filter strength, is determined to be spam or legitimate email. You choose whether the filter adds “SPAM” to the front of suspect emails’ subject lines, or deletes the email entirely.


Professional Webmail is included in all option packages, and allows you to send and receive email direct from your web browser, wherever you are, regardless of whether you use a Standard or Advanced mailbox.

With Webmail, you can access your own mailbox by going to web address:


… where “yourdomain.com” is the internet address of your website.

Features include:

  • Easy to use, with built-in help
  • Allows you to send and receive attachments
  • Works with HTML and plain text email
  • Saves time with a powerful search function
  • Includes a useful address book, for easy access to contacts on the move
  • Lets you set multiple To, CC and BCC recipients
  • Allows you to set the Reply-to address of your emails

Mailbox Control Panel

You can access your own mailbox control panel by going to web address:


… where “yourdomain.com” is the internet address of your website.

Here, you can set or amend a number of options, including:


  • Mailbox password changes
  • Set and use Auto-responders
  • Spam filter settings with easy-to-use controls
  • Advanced SMS alerts
  • Mailbox usage – delete old emails in bulk

Each mailbox user can log into their individual control panel directly, using their email address and mailbox password.

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